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About us

Rugs Flow in Our Blood

In our journey to construct our residence, we came to deeply admire the vast responsibilities shouldered by design firms of constantly recreating layouts, managing demanding clients, navigating countless online options for every home decor element, with the constant uncertainty of product quality meeting necessary standards, overseeing contractors and other logistical aspects. One of our founders, Rahul, vividly recalls spending countless late nights in the workshop, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of yarns and patterns. Infused with the vivid hues of India's cultural heritage, the team skillfully put together intricately patterned, textured rugs that celebrated our homeland's artistic legacy. Each knot tied by their hands became a heartfelt homage to the craftsmanship passed down through generations.

Mirzia, therefore, stands apart from other rug retailers through its commitment to empowering design firms with a seamless rug- sourcing experience. Diverging from the typical product-centric approach, our keen understanding of challenges faced by designers led us to curate a diverse range of carpet floorings, elevating the ambiance of any space. Rooted in our heritage from culturally rich regions like Mirzapur, Badohi, Panipat, Jaipur, and Meerut in India, our connection with rugs ignites a passionate appreciation for these artistic pieces.

At Mirzia, quality reigns supreme! As a result our designer rugs are of the highest standard to meet the discerning criteria of every kind of design firm. With masterful craftsmanship, finest quality, use of eco-conscious materials, continual innovation, and enduring partnerships with artisans and clients, we ensure that every contemporary rug design bears the hallmark of excellence and timeless allure. From bedroom rugs to carpet flooring, jute rugs, textured rugs, and luxury rugs for living rooms, our collection caters to various design preferences.

Distinguished by our dedication to eco-conscious living, we extend offerings, such as sustainables rugs, jute rugs alongside recycled plastic rugs, making conscious choices to protect the environment while delivering exceptional solutions. Beyond aesthetics, our luxury defining rugs possess a transformative power, elevating spaces with warmth and enhancing home acoustics, making them this indispensable decor element for design firms. As torchbearers of design innovation, we keep our collections ever-evolving, curated with the latest trends and finest materials, attuned to the dynamic pulse of design sensibilities. Our enduring partnerships with artisans and clients enrich us with invaluable insights, enabling us to refine and elevate our sustainble rug offerings, embracing a journey of constant growth and excellence.

Embrace the extraordinary with us as we transcend the boundaries of design. Our luxury rugs are more than mere products, they are conduits of artistic expression, bridging the gap between imagination and reality. Together, let us weave dreams into tangible marvels that inspire awe and leave an indelible mark on the very essence of interior design!

About us

Experience of Designing

We used up our experience of designing and developing rugs for top labels and design firms in over 65 countries to come up with 9 client personas that would fit most people in the world today.

  • 1. Classic
  • 2. Earthy
  • 3. Bohemian
  • 4. Minimal
  • 5. Plush
  • 6. Shabby Chic
  • 7. Contemporary
  • 8. Industrial
  • 9. Mid Century

Based on these client personas we continuously refresh our collections with newest color trends and most premium materials to make the space look fresh and awespiring.

There is a profound impact that great designs have on the daily lives of people around us. By partnering up with likeminded design firms, we aspire to create a kinder, happier and a wholesome world through medium of our designs.

Modern Collection

Give your home a premium touch with our range of carpets from the Modern Collection.








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