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The Mughal Art Collection

Inspired by traditional Persian rugs of the 16th and 17th centuries

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The Mughal Art Collection

The Mughal Art Collection showcases a stunning range of floor carpets, offering exquisite designs for both living room carpets and carpets for the bedroom. Whether you're searching for a rug for living room or a carpet for bedroom, this collection presents a wide array of carpet designs to suit your style and preferences. With its luxurious materials and textured carpet options, including indulgent luxury rugs for the living room, the Mughal Art Collection adds a touch of opulence and sophistication to any home. Whether you desire a plush carpet for home or a cozy rug for your private sanctuary, this collection ensures that every corner of your home is adorned with the finest carpeting.

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Clinton Collection

Textured Hand-woven (Carving) Rug with Fringes

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Haarlam Collection

Textured Hand-woven Rug


The Mirzia Rugs

While building our own home, we realized the challenges design firms face in managing various aspects, such as creating layouts,coordinating with contractors, and managing creative individuals, all while ensuring smooth logistics. Additionally, there's the daunting task of matching and executing designs based on approved 3D visuals. The process of browsing online for countless options of floor carpets, living room carpets, carpet designs, rugs for living rooms, carpets for bedrooms, rugs for bedrooms, luxury rugs for living rooms, textured carpets, recycled plastic rugs, and sustainable rugs can be overwhelming. Moreover, there's always uncertainty about whether the chosen products will meet the required quality standards for a designer project.

To address these concerns, we recognized the need to create a store that simplifies the lives of design firms. We envisioned a reliable store where they can confidently find and utilize elements for their projects.

143 Stitching Machines

6 Digital Printing Machines


11 Folding Machines

2 Computerized Embroidery
Machine (12 Head)

Automatic Cushion
Filling Machines

Shaped Cushion
Filling Machines

Our Legacy Our Artisans

Artisan handmade products are created by skilled local artisans applying traditional and time-honored techniques.


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Skilled Weavers

Our skilled weaver is adept at transforming raw materials, such as wool or silk, into exquisite floor carpets and living room carpets. With their mastery of traditional techniques like knotting, looping, and flat weaving, they craft textured carpets that are true works of art. These luxury rugs boast intricate patterns and designs that are unique and visually striking. The combination of functionality and beauty makes our textured carpets a perfect addition to any space.








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